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Welcome to the popular radio show, Everything Old is New Again,

a unique program that revisits entertainment and pop culture of the past juxtaposed to that of today.


Each week we will time travel through the theater of the mind, using clips of television shows, movies and music to evoke memories of the past and to bring them alive.  Each day is like a thread that is woven into a tapestry of our lives.  We will not only review the individual threads but the tapestry as a whole, and what makes it special.


We will discuss entertainment of the past, but always with an eye towards the future.  We will examine the past, present and future of a range of topics in a fun and entertaining way.  You won't believe the arguments we'll be having. 


The topics are endless but our time is not.  We will be here once a week for just an hour.  But be forewarned; once you hear our show, you WILL be tempted to start arguments that you will love to have for days and days. 

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