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National Radio Commercial Sales Offer

We are offering you an opportunity to advertise on the radio.  Radio is the most cost effective method of advertising your business. 


You now have the opportonity to sponsor the most talked about new radio show national radio, with an affiliate network of 37 stations in 28 states, for much less than you may expect!  We can do either 30 or 60 second commercials.  If you would like to grow your business throughout the country, contact us for details now!

Everything Old is New Again for one hour every weekend all throughout the United States.

Please contact by return email to


We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Become an EONA Affiliate:

4-Part EONA Audio Sampler (Air Checks)


Star Wars - Was the foundation of Star Wars, Flash Gordon? Was Dr. Smith from Lost in Space the Father of Star Wars?  

EONA DEMO - Informational - Star Wars


Interview with Terrance Winter (Creator of Boardwalk Empire) – the secret of success and happiness in life and your career, following your dream. 

EONA DEMO - Inspirational - Interview With Terrance Winter


Boxing in Movies - We take a look at Boxing in the Movies, which turns into a discussion of dinner time at our host’s home.  

EONA DEMO - Humorous - Boxing In Movies

Unique Look At Familiar Topics:

Tarzan’s Yell - Performance of a radio show that brings FUN back to the radio.

EONA DEMO - Unique Look At Familiar Topics - Tarzan's Yell
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